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What is an Author's Day?

Schools routinely schedule an author to come and speak to their students. But what could be better than a published children’s author, illustrator and educator? You’ll get more than you bargained for…and then some! (A few may never recover from his visit. Testimonials...)

Nowen will come to your school, church, or group and present humorous and inspiring sessions that will get your students fired up. They’ll learn that reading and writing isn’t a chore – it’s one of the most exciting adventures a person can ever experience. There are so many opportunities to write – more than ever before. And it’s fun! (Not to mention drawing the pictures.)

Your event can center around one group assembly and presentation, or any combination of seminars and classes (presentations list). Or, a special presentation can be developed to fit your exact situation. Just ask!

Every appearance includes Nowen’s Book Booth, where people can purchase books and get them signed by the author. There are plenty of other resources available for teachers and parents. Stop by and check it out.

So what are you waiting for?

Schedule Nowen immediately for your Author’s Day event.
Fill out the online form: Request a Date
Call for more information: 253-951-3052
Contact by Email: nowen@nowen-n-particular.com



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