Publicity Materials

We recommend:
1. Scheduling the Author first! (click here...)
2. Download the 8.5x11" Poster and/or the 11x17" poster, print and display around your building - or better yet - order the FREE Display Kit (see below).
3. Download the printable Pre-Order Form and distribute to the students at least one week prior to Author Day.
4. Remind the students over your P.A. system to return their Pre-Order Forms at least one day before the scheduled event.
5. On Author's Day, post a sign directing parents where to find the Author's book signing table.

Order your FREE Display Kit!
Order the FREE Display Kit (shown below) which includes everything you see in the photo! To place your order, call 253.951.3052 or email

  • 20 full-color 8.5x11" flyers
  • 10 full-color 11x17" posters
  • Two book stands and a flyer display stand - great for creating a stand-up display in the library or main office!
  • One copy each of Boomtown and One Hole Day.
  • BONUS! Your library gets to KEEP the autographed books after the event!

NOTE: The book stands and flyer stand will be picked up
by the Author following the Author's Day event.



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