You may choose one or more of the presentations from the list below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask! Nowen would be happy to develop a custom program just for you!

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1. General Assembly (All Ages)
Nowen will talk about how he came to be an author, where his story ideas come from, and the art of writing and illustration. He will read selected sections from his books. There’s time for questions and answers, too!

2. Cooking Up a Story (Kindergarten – 3rd Grade)
Using the metaphor of baking a cake, the three main ingredients of Story Telling are covered: Character, Setting and Plot. The kids “cook up” their own story, coming up with their own characters and story ideas. Great fun!

3. Three Little Words (Kindergarten – 3rd Grade)
Most sentences use three key components: Subject, verb, and object. For example: “The dog barked at the moon.” With those three little words, you can write just about anything! Using word games, we write some pretty funny sentences – and show how easy and fun it is to create stories.

4. The Art of Writing (K-3rd Grade and Up)
This presentation describes the connection between the written word and how pictures are used to illustrate them. There is a live demonstration of the author’s drawing technique. There is also time for the students to try their hand at illustrating (the group will need to provide drawing tools and paper).

5. Hero’s Quest (4th-8th Grade and Up)
Using movies as motif, the Hero’s story is investigated as the “model outline” for every story: The main character is reluctantly driven from his home; he sets out on an adventure to overcome the encroaching enemy; he learns how to be heroic from his mentor and collection of friends; he endures one challenge after another, until the final climatic, death and victory!

6. What’s the Big Idea? (4th-8th and Up)
So you want to write a great book? Then you have to start with a great idea. You have to have something worth writing about. Something that matters. Where do ideas come from? What do you do with an idea once you find it (or it finds you)?

7. The Business of Books (4th-8th and Up)
So how does a book go from page to published? Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about writing, editing, printing, shopping your manuscript, self-publishing, book contracts, royalties, distribution and more.

8. How to Write a Book in 397 Easy Steps (4th-8th and Up)
Okay, so there's really only 10 steps. But they're BIG ones. Nowen will describe the Writing Process from Invention to Completion - and everything in between - with tips and tricks to make your writing more productive and successful.

9. Writer’s Workshop (Special Session)
Gather your best writers and potential writers for a special private session with the author. This is their chance to ask all the burning questions they’ve ever wanted to ask. Encouraging and fun.

10. The Dreamer's Art (Special Session)
Artists - whether writers, illustrators, musicians or painters - don't think like "normal" people. An investigation of the artist's vision and where it can lead.

11. Reading Circle (Special Session)
Maybe you’d like the author to simply read to your group? Using a combination of animated reading and discussion, Nowen will read from his published book(s) (or maybe even something he’s still working on!)





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