Event Planner

Below is a simple step-by-step strategy for planning a successful Author’s Day for your school or group. Make sure to review all the linked information. Everything you need for your event can be found on this website.


Scheduling and Early Planning:

  • Call (253-951-3052) or email (nowen@nowen-n-particular.com) the author to get your date and time on his calendar. You may also Request a Date by using our online form.
  • By phone, confirm your date and settle on the Appearance Fee.
  • By phone, discuss your desired Presentation Program.
  • By phone, discuss the set up arrangements for the Author’s Book Booth.
  • By phone, discuss the audio-visual requirements (microphone, overhead projector, white board, electrical power, etc.)
  • Assign a Contact Person for the event and exchange contact information with the author (name, phone, email).


  • Download publicity material and distribute to your organization. You may request copies of the book(s) to be sent in advance (with other printed publicity) to set out on display.
  • Print out Pre-Order forms and distribute to students and group members (as applicable).
  • Hang up posters and flyers around your building(s). Make public service announcements to get everyone excited about the coming event.

One Week before the Scheduled Event:

  • Call or email the author one week prior to the event. Review all final arrangements.
  • Email your Printed Program schedule for the author to be able to follow (a single sheet of planned activities and times is sufficient – click here to see a sample). If the author will be moving from room to room, a simple map would be helpful.

The Day of the Event:

  • Make arrangements to pay the Appearance Fee on the day of the event.
  • Assign a person to meet Nowen early (usually 30-45 minutes prior to starting) to assist with setup. You may consider providing a person to help monitor the Book Booth while the author is occupied during presentation(s).
  • Make sure that the audio-visual equipment is set-up in advance.
  • The designated space for the Book Booth should be prepared and ready.
    NOTE: The best location for the Book Booth is in a high traffic area with enough room for people to approach the table and engage with the author. If you are a school, consider placing a sign in the parking lot directing parents inside where they can find the author at the end of the school day.
  • When introducing the author, refer to him as “Nowen N. Particular” or more simply: “Nowen, children’s author and illustrator.”
  • Although not required, providing lunch for the author is a bonus (especially for a full day program). Schools often invite Nowen to join the teachers for a special luncheon; or eating with the kids in the cafeteria can be fun for everyone.

After the Event:

  • Encourage your students and group members to write thank you notes to the author.
  • If Nowen’s program was excellent, a written testimonial from your organization is appreciated. Thank you.
  • Likewise, a reference to other schools and organizations is welcome. Any names and phone numbers you can share will be appreciated.



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