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Teachers and parents
are talking about Nowen...

Thank you for the time and energy you put into the workshops with our students. Everyone loved it. The kids started their own writing projects today! Great job!
~ Carol Stokke, Librarian, North Sound Christian School

Wow, what a treat! Thank you so much for taking the time to come and share with our kids at Heritage. I'm sure you've planted many seeds.
~ Susie Wolph, Adminstrator, Heritage Christian School

Very inspiring. Lots of fun! Thank you.
~ Mrs. Lehman, Teacher, Fairview Christian School

Thank you again for all you did to make our day so successful. The kids are STILL talking about it!
~ Judi Dodson, Parent Volunteer, Wickersham School of Discovery

Thank you for coming to (our school). My daughter loved it!
~ Jason Linklater, Parent, Grace Academy

We enjoyed having you come to our school. Thanks for taking personal
interest in many of the kids. I am sending a recommendation to the
other schools in our district. We are excited to pass on something that is so interesting and worthwhile. Thanks again for making Author's Day special for our students.
~ Chris Pieczonka, Maple Valley Christian School

The kids are talking, too...

You're a really good drawer.
I love Boomtown. Thanks for reading it to us.
Thank you for traveling all the way to our school.
I'm your #1 fan!
I love your stories.
Your visit helped me come up with ideas for my own story. You were very funny and fun to listen to.
The stories you told about being a kid were hilarious.
Boomtown is one of my favorite books ever.
You have inspired me to become a writer.
Thank you for giving us hints for making our own book.
Thank you for reading to our class. It was great.
Mr. Particular, you ROCK!
You and your books are both the same - hilarious.
Thank you for teaching us how to write books.
Your book (Boomtown) is the best book I have ever read.
You are really funny and I enjoyed all the great presentations.
I always wanted to be a great author and your presentation gave me a lot of wonderful ideas.



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