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What they're saying about "One Hole Day"

[One Hole Day] was very fun to read. The short chapters and fast paced story make it a page turner!

Cute, funny, entertaining, enjoyable!

The illustrations are perfect!

Very entertaining - it engages kids from the very first page.

Uses a good variety of words with multiple sight words that 2nd graders need to know. Allows a teacher to introduce new vocabulary in a fun and exciting way. Word walls and diagrams can definitely be made from this fun little book.

A great "read-and-laugh-out-loud" book for parents and teachers.

The moment I started reading my kids would not let me stop. They were glued to the story from start to finish. I want more!

Ingenious! Brilliant! Fun!

What they're saying about "Boomtown"

Why don't they write more books like this?

[Boomtown] is a winner to my 12 year old boy. Now everyone here is clammering to get their hands on it ~ adults included!

I read it once...then I read it again. I can't wait for the movie.

Boomtown is upbeat, well-written, fastpaced and entertaining,
a hilarious adventure for boys and girls age 8 and up. I’m thinking, if Boomtown can’t inspire excitement for reading, what can?

My nephew Max (12 years old) has never been much of a reader.
But he read Boomtown cover to cover and when he was finished, he went
straight to the website so he could buy the second book in the series.
Too bad it isn’t written yet.

Where can I get my hands on an Exploding Elf?

Kids are going to love Boomtown. I know I did!

[Boomtown] is great! My boys love it; in fact, last night, my 7 year old was playing football and pretended that the ball hit his helmet and made a field goal (but he didn't want to be called a Slug.) My older son wants to use Boomtown as a book to read in class. Great job!

[Boomtown] is a cheerful story full of mystery and adventure about a fictional town and all of its quirky residents – not to mention exploding elves and hen grenades. Boys in particular will enjoy this one because I don’t know of one that doesn’t love fireworks.

I have just started reading this book to my sixth grade. They have latched on since the introduction. Only two chapters in and they are bent over in laughter. I look forward to the adventure and hope to see a book two in the near future.



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