Nowen's Book Booth

Nowen's Book Booth has a number of portable components, making the display flexible and adaptable for each venue.

If your space is limited, the components can be positioned in three different areas, as long as those areas are located in the same general vacinity.


  • Author's Signing Table (5 ft. x 1.5 ft.)
  • Book Display Table (5 ft. x 1.5 ft.)
  • Cashier's Table (2 ft. x 1.5 ft.)


  • Two freestanding book stands (2 ft. square)
  • Two freestanding retractable banners (1 ft. deep, 3 ft. wide)
  • Table top displays (book stands, posters, hand-outs, toys, etc.)


  • Three of the components use electricity (optional).
  • We have our own power strips and extension cords, but a nearby outlet (positioned behind or underneath the display) is helpful.




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