Appearance Fee

Your school or organization will receive the very best that Nowen has to offer in terms of his time, effort and presentation. Your event will be humorous and memorable and fun.

In order to visit, he must take time off from regular employment (as much as a full day and sometimes more) not to mention the cost of transportation and other expenses. Although your organization is providing the author with an opportunity to sell his books, those sales rarely cover the costs associated with the appearance.

For that reason, an Appearance Fee is necessary to arrange a visit from Nowen. Although the amount is negotiable (depending on each group’s budget and ability to pay) a minimum amount of $75 is required and the most you would be expected to offer would be $350. The fee is due on the day the author arrives at your event.

Your Appearance Fee will enable Nowen to give away Door Prizes (free books, Boomtown Maps, "Magic" Holes) at the event. He will also be able to donate signed copy(s) of his book(s) to your organization’s library.



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