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Who is Nowen?

The elusive children's author and illustrator is often found on one of his exciting adventures - hiking the Himilaya's, skydiving over Peru, moonwalking with the crew of the International Space Station, and so on. When he's not galloping around the world, you will find him hard at work in his writing studio working on one of his latest books.

Rarely photographed, he is shown here holding a "Hen Grenade", an explosive chicken egg invented by Chang, founder of Chang's Famous Fireworks Factory, one of the many amazing inventions that can be discovered by reading Nowen's book called "Boomtown."

Recent Appearances

Maple Valley Christian School

Wickersham School of Discovery
North Sound Christian School
Brooklake Christian School
Evergreen Heights Elementary
Heritage Christian School
Fairview Christian School
Grace Academy
Many, many more...

University of Phoenix

AM 570 KVI

CommonGround Church
Sumner Arts Commission Event
Puyallup Writers Event
ASCI Convention 2008
Borders Books Teacher's Day

If you are considering inviting the author to speak to your school or community group, be sure to ask him to bring a Hen Grenade for demonstration purposes.

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